Response Guides

Response Guides are based on questions and answers I've been involved in on on-line forums or in personal conversations. The intent is to write some starter information for what I see as frequently asked questions. At times it may seem in-depth, but that will depend on your knowledge and my target for each guide.

I am open to improving the existing guides. Please feel free to send e-mails regarding errors or possible improvements. Keep in mind these are basics guides, so I do not plan to write extensive details or advanced topics.

I do not take requests. These guides are related to topics of self interest. I wouldn't want to give the impression that I am willing to write about topics I have little knowledge or interest in.

iMovie Export Guide

This is a quick guide to get you started with experimenting and using the advanced export mode of iMovie, for both iMovie 08 and previous versions. This allows you to better customize the result for your particular needs.

Preparing Video for YouTube

This guide covers some tricks that I think I have learned via some experimenting.

Reported Hard Drive Capacity

This guide attempts to explain why your operating system reports less capacity than the advertised capacity from a hard drive manufacturer.


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