Darren Reely's Overview of Professional Abilities and Interests

U.S. Green Card

My experience lies with the following:

I began my career in 1988 in a development group responsible for paper mill roll tracking inventory control systems. Later I moved on to a company where my main responsibilities included maintenance of a finance system and a document control system. After that experience, I contracted for a while at a cellular and paging company. In early 1998 I moved to the United States where my main responsibility was for an in house inventory/tracking system in the fabless semiconductor business. Late in 2008 I took a contract to provide services for a proof of concept project using Business Objects Data Federator.

In 2011 I gained deeper iOS development experience by creating my own app and contracting on a proof of concept for a unique drawing app. Beyond the usual frameworks every iOS developer touches, my experience also exposed me to the following; AV Foundation, CGImage creation and manipulation, Bonjour, NSNetService and CFSockets, Core Data.

From 2012 to 2015 I worked for a large consulting service and was placed into two large medical businesses. The first one asked me back to act as an iOS technical lead for a multi-user shared calendar app that was to be created in a relatively short delivery time. My experience during those years is varied.

Via development, courses, and home experience, I have gained knowledge of object oriented design & programming.

In creating personal web pages, since 1992, I have learned basic web page design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, and how to customize the Apache Web server.

My Perl experience includes a few production scripts for work, creating dynamic pages for my brother's music credits, and a private secure web server for delivery of sensitive files. I even created a de-spammer script when I was receiving massive amounts of spam.

I gained knowledge of the Apache server via the use of a home server that had Webdav, virtual hosting, and secure https connection capability.

Upon request a link is available to fetch my resume in many formats.