Glen Reely's Credits

Sorted by Year
Artist Title Format Release Credit
Fear FactoryMechanizeAlbum2010 Candlelight RecordsE
Kinnie StarrA Different DayAlbum2009 Violet Inch RecordsE, M, P, Prg (2 songs)
Stewart LewisIn FormationAlbum2009 IndependentE,M,P, Prg
Cameron DobbThe RideAlbum2007 IndependentM
Kinnie StarrSun Againalbum2003 Maple MusicCo-P, E, M, Prg
Stewart LewisFear of Fallingalbum2002 Silver Thumb RecordsE, M, P, Prg
Kinnie StarrTune Upalbum2000 Co-P, E, M
Kinnie StarrMendingAlbum1999 Island/Def JamE
VealHot Loseralbum1998? Divine IndustriesE, Rm
Allen DobbHorses and HillsAlbum1998 Resource Records/Ragged PupE, M
Lee Aaron2preciiousalbum1996 Spastic Plastic CorpCo-P, E, M
DaytonaSustainalbum1996 Zulu RecordsE, M, P
knock-down-gingerTake Outalbum1996 Zulu RecordsE, M, P
Kinnie StarrTidyAlbum1996 Violet Inch RecordsE, M
Mystery Machine10 Speedalbum1995 Nettwerk RecordsE, P
54-40Smilin' Buddah Cabaretalbum1994 Sony MusicE, M
CaterwaulKiller Fishalbum1991 Lost Arts ProductionsE, M, P

Credit Codes:   P - Produced   Co-P - CoProduced   E - Engineer   M - Mixed   Rm - ReMixed   Ms - Mastered   Prg - Programming Copyright 2003, Darren Reely. All rights reserved. Contact Information
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