Currently Glen is a sound engineer doing live sound and studio work. Through this interest he has had the opportunity to travel through all of North America, parts of Europe, Japan, and has even spent a week in Moscow, Russia.

Youngest brother of the Reely clan, Glen started out playing the electric guitar and later the bass. After many years of training, and jamming, Glen joined up with some school friends to create French Letters. They toured Canada and played often in Vancouver. Eventually the band split up, but not until after getting to the finals of a CBC production that put them against other talented bands. Below are two pictures taken by his brother Darren at the last show.

Picture of Glen in French Letters Picture of Glen in French Letters
Click on the images for larger shots. (81.8KB and 73.8KB respectively)
Glen is on the right. Jay Homenchuck was the Singer. Kelly Cook was the bassist. Matthew Johnson (of 54-40) was the drummer. Out of frame is Ben Lui on second guitar.

During the summer of 2006, Glen toured with Front Line Assembly in the U.S. and Europe as Front Of House engineer.

Glen has worked with many bands. Some famous and others not yet so.


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