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Darren Reely

The oldest of three brothers, I have been interested in photography and computing from a young age. Computing became my career and photography has always been a fun hobby.

My current career choice is iOS software development. In late 2011 I released CameraTime, an app to create time lapse video straight to a playable video file. In August of 2015 I released a new app called ExifLogger to allow manual recording of photo details and automated GPS coordinates. This was initiated by my use of 30+ year old non-digital lenses with my new digital camera. In between those dates I have worked in the medical industry developing varied iPad and iPhone apps.

In the early 90's I became interested in stargazing. Early on I tried my hand a basic astrophotography with film but in 2014 and 2015 I stepped up my game with a mirrorless APS-C digital camera. Digital technology is huge jump forward for astrophotographers that I plan to experiment further with.

I grew up in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since moving to the States many years ago my appreciation for its beauty has only grown.

These pages contain some of my photographic work and computing information.


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